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Shenzhen Ultra-sight Technology Co., Ltd is professional to develop and manufacture state-of-the-art CCTV products including Standalone DVR, HVR ,DVR Kits,AHD DVR, IP Camera, Analog Camera, etc. Ultra-sight with a strong team of experienced engineers also provides customized security solutions according to customers various requirements.

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    The "foot" is the case, "the deputy director of China Association of lighting, China /LED semiconductor lighting industry and union chairman Chen Yansheng told the" China Electronics News "reporter said," the LED lighting industry good momentum of development and status quo of doubt."
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    Now the LED industry is entering the era of meager profit, reorganization is represent the general trend. The real thing in the industry reshuffle, there may be a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises exit in the future competition. So, what companies will exit, which enterprises can still adhere to? Huizhou Yuan Hui Au Optronics Co Chinese District Marketing Manager Lv Weidong said.
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    The spot check, the samples in xi 'an, tongchuan, yulin and yanan, hanzhong, ankang, baoji region since the ordinary lighting ballast fluorescent lamp production and distribution enterprises extract
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    It is well known that the LED set of green energy saving advantages, in recent years, the price cut, LED permeability increased year by year. However, no national popularization policy, LED most of them are used in commercial lighting and lighting engineering;
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    Today, when the lunar new year at the end of the year, the end of the year for the LED enterprises in terms of what it means? Of course not just the holidays.
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    It is reported that samsung electronics has announced that it will exit from all countries and regions except South Korea LED lighting market.
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    To get the camera continued to serve you, in daily use , a number of matters related to the protection of the camera is a must do. Because cameras are easily damaged electronic products, the use must pay attention .
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    Device of image not clear mainly include: low brightness, edge focusing is not good, ghosting (image smearing), a sense of interference fringe stack (signal source image resolution is too high) or serrate (dropped frames).
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    Because the city of network video monitoring system of huge investment, complex technology, therefore in the construction of the system before the overall objective assessment is very important.
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    the video baseband transmission: is the most traditional way of monitoring TV transmission, 0 ~ 6MHz of baseband video signals without any treatment, through the coaxial cable (non-equilibrium) signal simulation of direct transmission.
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